Arbitration & Mediation

We are often hired to serve as arbiters and mediators because we understand the dynamics of the process. We also understand the law. Combining the energy to delve deep into the facts of the case with the skills of persuasion puts us in a position to convince parties to settle the cases we mediate. Our commitment to fairness and faith in the process allows us to be unbiased and enter just rulings in arbitrations. Without procrastination.

When in the role of advocate, we prepare for arbitration and mediation just as we prepare for trial, with one goal in mind: winning. In mediation, winning means settling the case for less than the true exposure, and covering our client's attorney's fees while we are at it.

Our clients will tell you that our ability to persuade stretches well beyond the jury box. There is no mystery here - preparation is critical to our success. And once we have demonstrated the strength of our case to the mediator and made clear our enthusiasm for taking it to trial, settlements tend to follow. If the adversary is stuck on a high number and will not get realistic, we prepare for trial.

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